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Core Values

The purpose of Carolina Teen Center is to educate and promote healthy lifestyles for the underserved teenage population in rural communities.

Our core values evolved for the acronym S.E.E.D because we are indeed are cultivating and nurturing the future through the center’s initiatives.

Our S.E.E.D values are: Stewardship , Empowerment , Engagement & Dedication

To promote healthcare and educate the underserved teenage population in rural communites.  



The Carolina Family First Program

Health Education and Counseling

Referral Services

Nutrional Counseling

Eat Smart Move More

Anti-Bullying Programs

4-H Club

Girls and Boys Mentoring Program

Teen Violence Prevention

Sex/Absitinence Education

Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts


The Carolina Teen Center was founded in September 2012 . It opened as a teen after-school center (or TASC) in Ridgeville, SC by Lisa Hart. TASC centers are geared toward non-violent male and female youth who are at risk of incarceration, however, the Carolina Teen Center’s services also cater to anti-bullying, childhood obesity and other prevention services. 


The center provides services to teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17. It is free and available to any teenager who is enrolled in school. The center offers programs including mentoring for boys and girls, a healthy cooking class, Spanish, yoga, and tutoring. The center is meant to provide education and prevention.

In 2016 the center moved to Summerville, SC. The center found its home in the Brownsville area at 933 W. 1st North Street . The staff renovated a house that sat empty for some time and the Summerville location was born.  It is across from Brownsville Church of God, one of the center’s partners.

Although the center is no longer in Ridgeville, Hart is excited about the partnerships that have formed with the center, as well as new programs that have been formed. They are partnered with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and last year the center announced a partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice — though the center is for all students interested in enrolling. The Carolina Teen Center has partnered with Dorchester District Two, which will be able to provide transportation to the center after school for DD2 students. However, students from all over the area invited to enroll.


“It’s a safe zone,”... “No one judges you. It’s all love there and that is all I’ve ever felt there.”

“The faculty and the participants there have watched me grow from the person I was into the person that I am today,” ... “They are like family to me.”

“They strive to offer a wide array of support services not only for the youth, but also their families. Summerville is very lucky to have the Carolina Teen Center!”


The center is also partnered with HYPE — Healthy Young People Empowerment, which is an extension of Eat Smart, Move More, which teaches kids about healthier lifestyles and making changes in their community

Carolina Teen Center participated in a year-long project that involved influencing a faith-based community — they either had to start a health ministry at a church or improve an already-existing ministry. Hart said the teenagers stayed committed to the project the whole year.

The center has partnered with SC Thrive, a non-profit that helps people register for Medicaid, as well as CharityTracker, a web application for shared case management used to gather and report statistical data for resource development. These programs will help families that utilize the Carolina Teen Center.





Thanks to our partnership with the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and other Community Partners we are able to provide servies at no to low cost. 


Our programs and services are stacked to provide multiple layers of support to the families of the Carolina Teen Center


Located in a central part of Summerville allows for east after school tranportation arrangements


A wonderful addition to the community! This program is definitely necessary and should be supported by everyone. Mentoring, teaching necessary survival skills, tutoring and this summer....finding a residential camp AND swimming lessons?!! Who could ask for anything more!!

- Dr. Fleming, Community Member

This program has been great! Everyone is so family oriented and very encouraging to our children.

- Ms. Parsons, Parent

I thought that there was going to be nothing to do when I moved back for North Carolina but Ms.Lisa opened the Carolina Teen Center and I thanked God for that. It is a lot to do learn about right and wrong.


- Langston, Teen Member



933 W. 1st North Street

Summerville, SC 29483


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